Xpanda Yellow Gates and Accessories

Xpanda’s line of safety yellow gates and accessories clearly mark hazard zones, doorways and other access points. Products like the 3 or 4 Gates Safegate Barrier and the patented Malbec Adjustable Tensioner offer security, mobility and adjustability for a variety of applications.

What is a swing gate?

The Malbec Adjustable Tensioner features a patented dual-spring system that adjusts in real time to accommodate variations in load requirements. This allows users to adjust tension on the fly in the field, eliminating the risk of a swing gate spring failure.

The Malbec’s most impressive feature is its patented adjustable tensioner. This allows users to adjust tension in the field, eliminating the risk of clogging or over-tensioning. In the event of a spring failure, the gate is still operable. This is not the case with other similar devices.

The best part is that it is easy to install and requires no cutting or welding. This makes it a perfect fit for narrow ladder openings and other industrial applications. Its 6 foot adjustable length provides an economical solution for traffic control, loading docks and other industrial applications. The XL is also extremely versatile, offering the ability to be mounted on both round and square tubing. This is especially important in commercial applications where installation is difficult.

The Xpanda product line of safety yellow gates and accessories is a smart, safe and effective way to control access and control costs. Its patented Malbec adjustable tensioner offers an impressive amount of flexibility, while its patented patented patented patented patented t-molding system provides corrosion resistance and durability.