Wet Pour Rubber Suppliers UK

wet pour rubber suppliers uk

Wet pour rubber suppliers uk offer high quality, impact-absorbing and anti-slip surfacing systems for schools, playgrounds and public areas. This type of surface is very popular because it can be built in a range of colours and can be designed with patterns, shapes and themes to inspire children’s imagination. It is also very durable and requires very little maintenance, making it a great choice for nurseries and school playgrounds.

Wet Pour is made from a dual layer system consisting of a tough granulated EPDM top layer (also known as the ‘wearing course’) and an EPDM recycled ‘base course’ that is laid to varying depths depending on the equipment on it. The base layer is installed on a free-draining sub-base such as tarmac, concrete or paving slabs or a compacted stone base. Some systems are also hybrid and include a mix of stone and rubber to add additional strength to the base layer.

Exploring the Benefits of Using Wet Pour Rubber from UK Suppliers

The ‘wearing course’ is manufactured from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) modified rubber granules that are bonded together using a polyurethane binder, which provides an all-season, resilient and cushioned surface. It is highly durable and safety certified to RoSPA play safety standards, with an expected life expectancy of 10-20 years.

A wetpour surface can be built into a variety of shapes and patterns to suit any play area, from cartoon characters that are ideal for toddlers to geometric shapes to encourage children’s maths skills. It can even be made to look like a map, which will help them learn about geography and keep them entertained while they’re having fun.