Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic Markings

Thermoplastic Markings is a type of pavement marking paint that liquefies when heated to a high temperature (392°F). This pliable material can be shaped and molded onto flat, grounded surfaces like parking lots, roads and streets.

While traditional traffic paint only lasts for a year in low traffic areas, thermoplastic markings last up to six times longer. This long lifespan reduces maintenance costs and extends the life of your paved roadway.

From Lines to Symbols: The Versatility of Thermoplastic Markings

A key advantage to thermoplastic marking is its reflective properties. Glass beads are intermixed within the liquified marking material to ensure visibility at night or in inclement weather. This improves safety and is an important requirement for most state highway agencies.

Thermoplastic pavement markings also have enhanced durability when compared to latex paint. It can withstand abrasions and vehicle traffic up to six times longer, so it does not need to be touched up as frequently. This saves time and money for business owners, as well as keeps revenue-generating traffic moving on your property at all times.

Unlike traditional paint, preformed thermoplastic markings come in the form of pre-cut lines, shapes, numbers, letters and symbols. This makes creating clean, crisp markings easy and fast. This is perfect for large and small car parks where clear directions, direction arrows and give way symbols can help boost road safety and encourage good driving etiquette. In schools, preformed markings can be used to create fun interactive areas for children to play and learn.