The FDA Recommends Against Taking Extenze Original

Extenze original is a male enhancement supplement that aims to help men with erectile dysfunction symptoms. It contains a proprietary blend of herbal ingredients that are meant to increase libido and pleasure.

What are the side effects of ExtenZe extended release?

However, the FDA advises against taking male enhancement supplements because they don’t have FDA approval and can contain ingredients that are harmful to your health. One of the main reasons that the FDA recommends against ExtenZe is because it contains undeclared sildenafil, which can cause dangerously low blood pressure and potentially fatal side effects.

It may also cause drooling, bloating, rapid heart rate, headaches, and frequent urination. Moreover, some of the ingredients in ExtenZe can increase your risk of developing serious diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes.

This is why the FDA cautions against male enhancement supplements in general, and especially those that claim to increase penis size. In addition, ED can be an early sign of a number of health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and even depression.

Although extenze original claims that it can improve ED symptoms, the product does not have any evidence that it helps with erections. It is also unclear whether the product can provide long-term results. In fact, there is very little scientific evidence that any of the declared ingredients in extenze original can help with ED. The product is also not designed to work as a substitute for prescription medications, such as Viagra.