The Benefits of an HLR Lookup

The HLR (Home Location Register) contains up to date subscriber data for every mobile number connected to a specific network. IPQS partners with leading telecom providers worldwide to enable HLR lookup on a real time basis. This ensures higher hit rates and phone validation accuracy.

The benefits of using an HLR lookup service are vast and varied for businesses in almost any industry. Most of the time, when a business sends a message via SMS or calls a customer through their app, they want to be sure that the person they are talking to is actually at that particular mobile number and network. HLR lookups help companies verify this, making the outreach process more efficient and ensuring that budget is not being wasted calling or texting an inactive contact.

Demystifying HLR (Home Location Register): The Heart of Mobile Network Intelligence

In addition to validating the actual mobile number and its current connection, HLR lookup also identifies the country of origin. This information enables businesses to tailor their messaging and offers to specific regions or carriers, improving the overall customer experience and increasing response rates. For example, a travel or insurance company can offer customers a better deal on their services if they are in a country where the currency is lower.

In the world of marketing, this can mean huge cost and time savings. It also helps prevent mistakes caused by identifying clients with invalid or deactivated numbers and helps combat the growing trend of mobile number portability. The best way to take advantage of an HLR lookup is to partner with a provider who has the direct relationships with mobile networks and can run a search on a real-time basis, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.