Strawberry Gelato Strain Review

strawberry gelato strain review

This strawberry gelato strain review review aims to explore the calming and relaxing effects of this popular Gelato-inspired hybrid. It has a sweet, fruity aroma and taste, and is said to help reduce stress and pain while providing an uplifting effect.

The smell of this strain is a combination of sour musk, stone fruit, and fresh cut grass that is accompanied by a lingering strawberry flavor. The high is reminiscent of a bowl of refreshing strawberry gelato, and it is calming enough to enjoy during the day or evening as it helps to relax your body and mind.

It is a 70% indica dominant hybrid that is created through crossing the tasty Strawberry Treats X Acai Gelato strains. It is an uplifting, relaxing strain that will leave you feeling completely relaxed and ready for a night at home.

Sweet and Smooth: A Review of the Strawberry Gelato Cannabis Strain

The high of Strawberry Gelato starts with a mental boost that works its warming tendrils into your brain, lifting your spirits and pushing out any negative or hustling thoughts. Then, it takes a heady unfocused turn and leaves you pretty giggly at times.

This strain is perfect for lazy days, or after a busy day, and can be used to help relieve anxiety, pain and stress. The THC level of this strain is 18-21%, making it ideal for treating chronic stress, depression and fatigue.

This strain has a dense structure that is representative of its Gelato heritage. The taste is like a bowl of strawberry and cherry gelato with just a hint of spicy herbs, and the aroma of this strain is just as delightful as it is tasty!