Signs It’s Time to Call a Roofer – Franklin


Your roof is one of the most important components of your home, defending against pests and the elements. It should also look good, and blend in with the style and design of your home. When your roof suffers damage, or isn’t performing as it should, it affects the rest of the home. This is why it’s so important to work with only the best roofer franklin.

A reputable Mighty Dog Franklin  will have a solid reputation, a great track record, and a wide range of experience. They will also be licensed and insured, and have a good understanding of current roofing technologies and practices. When choosing a roofer, consider their price range and the type of roofing materials they offer. A metal roof will cost more upfront, but last longer than asphalt.

“Experience Excellence: The Mighty Dog Franklin Difference

When hiring a roofer, make sure they provide a detailed written estimate specifying the project scope and all materials required. Avoid companies that provide unclear or inflated quotes. Reputable roofers will also provide robust manufacturer warranties covering shingles for 30 years, together with at least a five-year labor warranty.

Regular inspections of the roof and shingles help catch problems early, reducing the need for costly repairs in the future. In addition, proper attic insulation can reduce high energy costs and prevent mildew, mold, rot and ice dams. Performing these maintenance tasks can be challenging, however. Many homeowners forget to do them or don’t know when to do them. Here are some signs it’s time to call a roofer franklin.