Origin Credit Card Reviews

Origin Bank offers a wide range of banking services and products. These include checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, and even mortgage products. The bank also offers mobile banking apps. This allows you to monitor your account and pay bills. You can use the apps to find an Origin Bank location near you. There are 45 locations in Louisiana and 45 in Mississippi.

Is it hard to get a Vanquis credit card?

The origin credit card reviews app has received a very good consumer satisfaction rating. Consumers can contact Origin representatives anytime, day or night. Origin Bank has a very low Texas Ratio, which means that there’s less risk of failure.

Aside from the mobile banking application, the Origin Bank has an online banking site that is also rated high. It has also earned a 4.8 out of five star rating. With the online banking site, users can track their finances and make payments.

The credit card offered by Origin Bank has a relatively low minimum monthly fee. However, the APR on the card is quite high. If you are a person with a poor credit history, it might be difficult for you to get approved.

Origin Bank is not currently accepting new applications. However, existing customers remain unaffected by the suspension. The company does report to multiple credit bureaus, so you need to have a strong credit score to qualify. Additionally, the company does not offer any type of rewards program. In addition, they charge a 3% foreign transaction fee if you want to use your card abroad.