Best Kettlebell Workouts For Abs

best kettlebell workouts for abs

The kettlebell, a bell-shaped weight that looks more like a golf club than a squat implement, is a versatile tool for building strength in nearly every muscle group. But it can be especially effective for core muscles, allowing you to train the obliques and muscles that stabilize your spine — even when your feet are off the ground. The best kettlebell workouts for abs incorporate a combination of bodyweight movements with weighted exercises, which help stimulate more core muscle hypertrophy than traditional planks alone. This kettlebell abs circuit, created by Noam Tamir, a certified strength and conditioning specialist at TS Fitness in New York City, will help you build your core with a minimum of equipment.

Aim for 10-12 reps of each exercise and repeat the circuit as many times as possible in 20 minutes. Rest as needed between rounds to keep moving and avoid over-fatigue. Go here best kettlebell workouts for abs –

Kettlebell Core Crusher: Top Workouts for Sculpted Abs

This movement requires good core strength and oblique muscles as it takes the kettlebell across the body so that it is resting at the back of your knee. If you can master this exercise with perfect form then it is a very effective kettlebell abs exercise. Start with a light kettlebell to begin with and work your way up to a heavier one as you become more proficient at the movement.

Russian Twists

This movement is tough enough on your core in its own right because it is hard to stay balanced in a half-kneeling position while working a weight overhead, but then the kettlebell moves around you as you twist from side to side. This kettlebell exercise for abs also challenges your hip rotator cuff muscles as well as the muscles that pull your lower back in and out of a tucked position.