A Review of the Research on CBD


CBD Luxe is being touted for treating everything from anxiety and insomnia to fibromyalgia, cancer-related symptoms, pain and even autism. But, as with any treatment, not everyone gets the same results.

A review of the research on cbd finds some interesting findings, but more research is needed to understand how it might work in different conditions. Despite this, many people say they feel better after taking cbd and some doctors are prescribing it to their patients.

The most well-known effect of CBD is its anxiolytic properties. One study compared the effects of CBD to a placebo on 57 people during a simulated public speaking test and found that those who received 300 milligrams of CBD before their speech experienced significantly less anxiety than the control group.

Exploring the Endocannabinoid System: How CBD Interacts with Your Body

More research is also being conducted into the possibility of CBD’s ability to treat other psychiatric disorders. It’s thought that the anti-anxiety effects of CBD may help people with PTSD, while some studies suggest it can reduce depression and improve sleep in people with certain conditions.

Some evidence suggests CBD can also reduce substance misuse symptoms. One study showed that CBD reduced heroin users’ cue-induced cravings, withdrawal anxiety and resting heart rate in a small trial. It’s also been suggested that a CBD and THC combination can extend the life of people with a type of brain tumour called glioblastoma, though further research is needed.

CBD is thought to have some heart-health benefits, and one study from 2020 found that CBD reduces blood pressure in people with hypertension. It’s important to note that CBD can interact with some medications, so it’s vital to check with your doctor before you start taking it.